Share capital and shareholders 


Share capital of Sabaf S.p.A. and voting rights


The share capital of Sabaf S.p.A., fully subscribed and paid-in, is € 12,686,795 consisting of 12,686,795 ordinary shares with a nominal value of €1.00 per share. As of January, 18, 2024 hereby announces that there was the conversion of no 25,000 shares with increased vote in ordinary shares, pursuant to article 127-quinquies of Legislative Decree 58/98 and in application of the provisions of the by-laws.

The following chart shows the total amount of the current Ordinary Shares and the total amount of the voting rights exercisable starting from today. 


  Number of shares of which
the capital is composed
Number of voting rights

Total amount

of which:    
Ordinary Shares ISIN IT0001042610  6,559,278 6,559,278
Ordinary Shares with increased voting
rights IT0005253338
6,127,517 12,255,034




Shareholders Number of shares % of share capital Voting rights % of voting rights
Cinzia Saleri S.a.p.A. 2,340,644 18.45% 4,681,288 24.88%
Quaestio Capital Management SGR S.p.A. 2,306,690 18.18% 4,613,380 24.52%
Montinvest S.r.l. 1,160,000 9.14% 1,160,000 6.16%
Fintel S.r.l. 898,772 7.08% 1,748,722 9.29%
Paloma Rheem Investments, Inc. 570,345 4.50% 1,031,683 5.48%


Except for those mentioned above, there are no other shareholders with interests of more than 5% of the share capital who have given notice to Consob and Sabaf S.p.A. according to the Consob regulation 11971/99, Art. 117 regarding obligation to notify major holdings.

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