At Sabaf, the Person is considered the primary value and a key criterion for every decision. The entrepreneurial vision stems from this concept, which ensures dignity and freedom within accepted rules of behavior. 
Therefore, the Group renounces any choice that does not respect the Person’s physical, cultural, and moral integrity, even if such choices tend to be efficient, economically sound, and legally acceptable. 



The centrality of the Person is the basis for developing a working environment characterized by mutual trust, loyalty, listening, dialogue, and collaboration.

The Group undertakes to pursue the following objectives, also set out in the Charter of Values:

  • to guarantee, in all countries where the Group operates, respect for Human Rights and workers’ rights, according to the principles stated from Global Compact and APPLiA Code of Conduct. These principles are related to child labor, forced labor, health and safety at work, freedom of association and right to collective negotiations, discrimination, disciplinary practices, working hours, and compensation policies;  
  • to value the contribution of human capital in decision-making processes, fostering continuing education, professional advancement, and the sharing of knowledge;
  • to adopt employment relationships based on merit and competency as well as the achievement of collective and personal objectives; 
  • to value and respect diversity and rejecting all forms of discrimination for reasons of gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, health, political opinions, race, and religious beliefs in all phases of employment;
  • to identify and analyze any form of potential hazards or risks involved in the company procedures; to render the workplace safe and employee-friendly.
  • to establish a responsible and constructive dialogue with trade union organizations, promoting a climate of mutual trust in respect for the principles of integrity and transparency, each following their respective role. 


Key Performance Indicators


Distribution of employment by gender as at 31/12 2022 2021 2020
n. % n. % n. %
Male 737 59.5 778 60.9 724 62.0
Female 501 40.5 500 39.1 444 38.0
Total 1,238 100.0 1,278 100.0 1,168 100.0


Level of education (%)
(number of graduates/total employees at 31/12)
2022 2021 2020
65.1 64.4 61.6


Hours of training per collaborators
(hours of training/total collaborators as at 31/12)
2022 2021 2020
25.9 20.4 13.9


Sabaf, the workplace that promotes health

By joining the WHP program (Workplace Health Promotion), Sabaf is committed to promoting health in the workplace. The company is committed to implementing all measures to prevent accidents and occupational diseases and offering its workers the opportunity to improve their health by reducing general risk factors and, in particular, those most involved in the genesis of chronic diseases.

The WHP program consists of implementing exemplary practices in six thematic areas: nutrition, fight against smoking, physical activity, safe and sustainable mobility, fight against addiction, wellbeing/work-life balance.   



Safety is one of the main factors in Sabaf Group’s business project. The physical integrity of workers is ensured through a system based on the following factors : 

  • Effective training: the approach to training aims to overcome the compulsory approach to encourage all employees' active participation. Job-specific training courses have been designed with a focus on the simulation of real cases and actual experiences.
  • Cutting-edge plants: continuous investment in increasingly evolved machinery guarantees absolute protection against physical danger and minimizes risks related to ergonomics and handling of loads.  
  • Organization: each company of the Group formally defines the responsibilities and the operational procedures required to identify and implement preventive measures that allow eliminating or overcoming risks through a system that will enable continuous improvement of safety and hygiene.  
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